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Conservation of climate, heating, cooling and air treatment facilities:


  • preventive

  • ​Correction

  • ​Predictive

Usando aire acondicionado

Air conditioning

We carry out maintenance of all types of air conditioning devices, such as wall units, duct units, compact units, VRV systems, etc. 

This service generally consists of cleaning filters, batteries, turbines, checking drains, checking temperatures and reviewing the correct general operation of the device. Always following the current regulations of the RITE (instruction Technical ITE 3 maintenance and use).


It is very important to carry out good climate maintenance in order to avoid possible breakdowns that could be caused as a result of not carrying out these periodic reviews. 


Air treatment

We also offer the air treatment service (UTA), it consists of cleaning filters, drains, filters, turbine and humidification system in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the air conditioner.


Industrial cold

The maintenance of glycol water cooler with negative temperatures of up to -15ºC. Taking pressures, temperatures, checking working ranges, water density level... Following theregulations RSIF (instruction IF14 maintenance, review and inspectionsperiodicals of the facilitiesrefrigerators)


Air treatment of special rooms

These jobs are located in companies with special rooms, which are those where temperatures, humidity, negative or positive differential air pressure are controlled, within the chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry sectors, etc.

A complete review is also carried out as in the case of the previous systems, but with specific filters with different levels of particle capture.

Quality service,  professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the climate sector.

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